“Comrades, or The Battle of the Forgotten Gods”

Big epic fantasy project

«Comrades» is the first big Russian epic fantasy project.

There is nothing competitive on the national market than can be compared to this right now.
The idea and the plot of the «Comrades» project are based on creatively interpreted stories and images from Russian folklore and Slavic mythology. The project has an outstanding national colour. The images of folklore characters, Russian fairy tale objects and the elements of mythological stories are used actively. It aims to satisfy public’s growing interest to Russian authentic culture. Also it goes hand in hand with patriotic tendencies in modern society.

«Comrades» project is absolutely modern and international despite its national colour and traditional character. «Comrades» project will be interesting and clear to each and everybody in the world because of its strong literature, universal topic, spectacular, ambiguous and versatile characters, action and a dynamic story. All of it makes this megaproject capable of going international and being taken into consideration. It can win viewers not only in Russia, but also in the West as well as in the East.
Outstanding and remarkable visual imagery and a high-quality art component are unique features and important advantages of this project. World pictures and the images of the characters are made according to the most recent and most popular drawing and animation technique. The demands of the XXI century’s audience, young people in particular, are combined with original and creative execution.
The world of «Comrades» project is very complex and versatile. It consists of several different worlds. All of them are original, attractive and interesting in their own ways. The «Comrades» project is a multipurpose base for videogames and fandom because of the large quantity of various well-detailed characters and stories, which fit into the overall picture. Every character can stand alone and every story is interesting by itself.
The «Comrades» project can be ranked as a megaproject as for its form as for its content. In terms of content, it is an epic long-time saga with a lot of main heroes and side characters which can lead their own stories, so called spin offs.
In terms of form, the «Comrades» megaproject consists of a diverse range of attractive products for modern consumers (as viewers as readers), especially for teenagers and young people. These products are:

- feature films for teenagers and adults (more than 9 movies) — the main history, the sequel, a threequel, a series of the prequels telling the story about each character, etc.;
- a series of books including more than 9 books (every leading and minor character can be the main hero of its own story or even the series of books so the quantity can vary);
- highly artistic comics both on plots of the main stories and separate plots;
- ballet named «Yaga» that is recommended to put up in Bolshoi Theatre;
- computer games of various genres (the strategy, quests, RPG, search of objects, etc. for senior players, and also their adapted and simplified versions for more young players);
- videogames for iPhones, smartphones, consoles, etc. — all of it can be done in various genres, directions and levels of complexity.
- board games of different types and genres (tactical, printing, collection, logical, verbal and so on);
- different souvenir products with the image of characters and recognizable details of history: t-shirts, baseball caps, backpacks, notebooks, pens and other school, office and sports supplies, accessories for computers, gadgets etc.

The best modern methods and technologies are used to create each part of the «Comrades» project in order to maintain the highest quality of the product.
The target audience of the «Comrades» project is people over 12 years old.
The short description of the story:
The universe of the «Comrades» project divides in two worlds, the human world and the mythological world, where all of the imaginary folklore characters such as the heroes of the myths, legends and folktales live. Human world looks urban. It is super modern, it is rapid, and there are a lot of people and megalopolises. Also new technologies are introduced there along with the wide diversity of gadgets. Human world appears to be strong and powerful but it’s only an impression. The best weapon cannot stand against the power of magic and it makes people weak and defenseless. They cannot fight the magic creatures they made.
The mythological world is much closer to the nature. It has picturesque woods and meadows, the rivers and oceans, mountains and deserts. This world lives by its own rules though the human world functions on common physical and social laws. The mythological world is separated into kingdoms according to the different cultures. There is the Egyptian kingdom, the Scandinavian kingdom, an antique kingdom, etc. Each kingdom looks exactly the same as it is presented in folklore. The world was in peace till the new kingdom of Monsters has risen. Being made up by the twisted mind of author, the inhabitants of the Monsters’ kingdom want to conquer both the human and the mythological worlds.
The inhabitants of the kingdom of Slavic mythology or the Faraway kingdom such as Perun, the ethnic God, and six of his comrades decide to stand up for the human world. The names of the defenders are Baba Yaga, Koschey the Immortal, the Silvan, the Vodyanoy , Zmey Gorinich  and Vasilisa the Beautiful. All of them are the characters of Russian folktales. Each and every one of them has its own story, its own destiny. The relationships between the comrades are complicated and sometimes they reach a peak as a conflict. Comrades can defeat the mysterious enemy if only they form a strong and reliable union.