Animated 3D series for family viewing.

Large-scale Russian animated 3D series for family viewing. This fascinating story about magical land inhabited by little men - Dzhingliki, they are funny and ringing like bells. The Dzhinglik's land is very small - because its inhabitants are hardly more than palms. Cartoon is a bright and interesting show, which is able to inspire not only children but also adults. In a fascinating, and unobtrusive way it talks about the important things such as industriousness, friendship, first love, mutual supportiveness, ability to forgive and to help each other. Promotion of the true human values which should be inculcated from childhood is at the heart of the series. The cartoon scene has no quarrels, hostility and anger deliberately, to exclude the possibility of their negative impact on young viewers.


Format - Vertical series (65 series /10 minutes)
Sound - Stereo
Classification - 3D animated TV series
Genre - Cartoon, comedy
Intended audience - 0-9 years (core 3-6 years)
Age restrictions - 0+