“Comrades, or The Battle of the Forgotten Gods”

Big epic fantasy project

«Comrades» is the first big Russian epic fantasy project.

“About autor”

Oleg Roy is a top Russian writer, scriptwriter, producer, radio host and TV-presenter, actor and the host of the different trainings, seminars and master classes.
He made it to the top 5 of the most selling authors in Russia. He sold over 12 million books in 5 years. His books are reissued every year.
The author works in such genres as mystical novel, fantasy, thrilling detective, children’s literature.
Roy’s books are chart-topping in Russia. Oleg Roy has a lot of literary awards including Bunin’s Award and Pushkin’s Award. Also he has the first prize of "Gold knightly cross of valor and honor" for the contribution to literature and charity. He is Russia’s leading author in sentimental, mystical and kids’ literature.

“The Jingliks’ Adventures or the missing New Year”

The feature-length cartoon

The feature-length cartoon is recommended for family viewing. It is incredibly good new-year story, full of humor and fun adventures, young viewers learn to be brave and resourceful, to believe in themselves, to help their friends in trying hour and never lose heart. This film is a true Christmas gift that will bring holiday spirit and a sense of fairy tale into the house.


Animated 3D series for family viewing.

Large-scale Russian animated 3D series for family viewing. This fascinating story about magical land inhabited by little men - Dzhingliki, they are funny and ringing like bells. The Dzhinglik's land is very small - because its inhabitants are hardly more than palms. Cartoon is a bright and interesting show, which is able to inspire not only children but also adults. In a fascinating, and unobtrusive way it talks about the important things such as industriousness, friendship, first love, mutual supportiveness, ability to forgive and to help each other. Promotion of the true human values which should be inculcated from childhood is at the heart of the series. The cartoon scene has no quarrels, hostility and anger deliberately, to exclude the possibility of their negative impact on young viewers.

“New Jingliks”

Ice musical show based on the popular book series and cartoon "Jingliks"

Already next winter during the Christmas holidays offers over 40 performances on the stage of Sports Complex "Olympic"!